Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Getting Ready for the Races – Part 2

Last month, we covered the Sport, Jet, Unlimited and International Formula 1 Classes. Let’s finish up with the Biplanes and the T6s. And we can do some other updates as well.


Biplanes are having an interesting time this year. Only 15 racers in the field – while 24 would be a full field. Quite a surprise for a class that should be growing.


The good news though is that Phantom will be back. Andrew Buehler will be flying again. But is there anyone in the lineup that can give Phantom a challenge? I would say the best bet would be either Sam Swift in Smokin’ Hot or Eric Zine in Yellow Fever. Either of them could be the spoiler.

Alan Hoover in There Be Dragons or Scott Thompson in Second Hand might also put up a fight. Let’s see if Phantom stays hungry and does what we know she can do.

Dennis Buehne - Midnight Miss
Roger Cain - Photographer

Last year’s dramatic winner, John Lohmar in his Radial Velocity, will likely give Dennis Buehne in Midnight Miss III and Six Cat’s Nick Macy another exciting and challenging year.  

Chris Rushing is back in Barons Revenge and William Walker III will take the reins from his father in law, Gordo Sanders.

A full field in the T6s with lots of exciting racing will make this another winning year!

Other news

Since our last edition, we were able to learn some additional good news. The National Aviation Heritage Invitational will be returning to NCAR. This year, we will have about a dozen classic antique aircraft – but next year we expect to increase the number. It is very exciting to have this group back to give fans something else fun to do between races. NAHI will take their spot on the East Side of Stead.

There will also be a Drone Zone with Drone races – on a smaller scale from last year, but they will still be in attendance. This group will also be on the East Side of the airport.

How about Fly-overs? We will be having a U-2 and a B-52 perform fly-overs during the week. I don’t know about you – but either of these sleek aircraft would make me stare longingly at the sky – but BOTH!? YEAH!

The Patriots will be our Jet Formation Team this year. They are the largest civilian-owned aerobatic jet team in the western hemisphere. And, they are a lot of fun to watch.

John Klatt and his “Screamin’ Sasquatch” Jet Waco will also be performing this year. Super fun to watch the beautiful Waco turn into a JET right before your eyes.

The Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing will be bringing their toys this year. Their performance will feature a B25, F8F-2 Bearcat, F6F Hellcat and Mitsubishi AM63 Zero and will include mock dogfights and aerobatics.

The Smoke and Thunder Truck will also be there -- The Hot Streak II is a twin jet engine 57 Chevy Pickup capable of speeds of 350+mph that has been entertaining fans across the country for over 20 years and is currently driven by Hayden Proffitt II. Kids love the Jet Truck!

Finally, the Air Combat Command F-16 Viper Demonstration Team will be there to provide a fast paced and exciting Demo!

The Stihl Lumberjack Demonstration will also take place. The first time I saw this Demo was in Alaska – and I really enjoyed it.

All in all – a great lineup to share the stage with our races.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in September! 

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Is it Dreadnought's Year?
Ken Linde - Photographer