Monday, April 30, 2018

What’s New in Air Racing?

So many great things are currently happening in the Air Racing world!

Ely Air Races

It looks like the Ely Air Races are a GO this year!

We expect up to 16 International Formula 1 planes to perform 2 races per day. The festivities start on Wednesday, June 13th with the final races on Saturday, June 16th.  Balloon rides will start around 5:30am while Air Racing begins at 9am each day.
Besides the Balloon rides and the Air Racing, the Town of Ely and White Pine County are putting on quite a show. There will be live entertainment, a car show and other military and civilian aircraft on display. 

Ely Air Races at Yelland Field in June!
Credit: White Pine County 

This year will feature IF1 races only – but who knows what the future holds for Ely!

If you are venturing out to Ely, be sure to set aside time to see the Nevada Northern Railway Museum and of course, the Great Basin National Park offers tours of the Lehman Caves.

If you are driving from the West, you’ll be taking “The Loneliest Road” in the World (Route 50). You might want to stop at Sand Mountain or consider some of the Pony Express stops to gain a little history to go with your Air Racing!  

Red Bull Air Races

After just two events, Michael Goulian is in the lead in the Red Bull Air Races Master Class. Matt Hall is nipping at his heels and Yoshide Muroya, last year’s winner is in third.

Michael won the first race in Abu Dhabi and finished third in Cannes. Matt Hall was the winner in Cannes and placed only fifth in Abu Dhabi.

The racing is as close as ever and new faces are on the podium. This year should be a fun one to follow.

They will be in Indianapolis in October, if you are interested in seeing this amazing event in person! It is an unbelievable spectacle in person and I recommend it to all of you! 

Unlimited Air Racing

As of today, we are hearing some very positive news about new and old airplanes and racers joining us for PRS and for the races in September. This is very exciting news. I don’t want to jinx anything, but keep your fingers crossed that familiar faces will be there again.

As Bill Kerchenfaut would say – we’ll know who shows up when they show up – but great efforts are underway to get more Unlimited Aircraft in the show!

We miss Miss A!
Credit: Tim Adams Photography 

Stihl Sponsorship and the NBCSN Special

Stihl will remain the Title Sponsor for the National Championship Air Races for another 2 years. What does that mean? It means we can expect the NBCSN Special on the Races to continue.

Yes, I know this year’s three-part special had a few problems – namely the delay on the last part of the series due to a live broadcast going late. The T6’s wingtips do not go supersonic – I know. The reversal of 5 and 7 on a few of the graphics. Jay goes by Jay and not James. It’s Swaid Rahn and not Rahn Swaid  – yeah, I know all that.

Swaid Rahn in Heat Stroke
Credit: Tim Adams Photography

But, this is a GREAT way to get our sport out there to others who haven’t had the pleasure of watching the FASTEST MOTORSPORT IN THE WORLD!

Keep the faith, thanks!