Friday, August 1, 2014

Airventure Cup 2014

As we are going to press, we are still enjoying our time at Airventure 2014, or, as it is commonly known in the Aviation World as Oshkosh.

The AirVenture Cup just wrapped up for the year. This year going from Mitchell, SD to Mankato, MN and then on to the finish line at Wausau, WI. At that point, everyone would fly to Oshkosh to put their aircraft on display and spend the next week telling stories about their adventure on the 400 nm race course.

This year’s AirVenture Cup is the 17th running and celebrates the world's fastest cross country air races. Harking back to the spirit of the Bendix Trophy, the AVC is flown to “unite aviation's rich history with its promising future.” 

This year’s AVC had several familiar faces in the ranks. Creighton King of Formula 1 and Cassutt fame was there, and unfortunately had a canopy issue and did not make it to Oshkosh as he had hoped. He is busy repairing some damage so he can make Reno. Fingers crossed, Creighton!

The Sport Class was well represented, with Lee Behel and his son Jay competing against each other and Vicky Benzing in her new Lancair as well as John Parker, Tony Crawford, Charlie Greer and Klaus Savier putting in their appearances.

John Parker and Blue Thunder II

It is nice to see the racing spirit moves from one venue and type of racing to another. All in the name of SPEED!

By now many of you have heard of the demise of Miss Picabo, the stunning Thunder Mustang built by Fred Roscher and flown last year by Brant Seghetti in the Sport Class. Fred went to PRS in June hoping to race his own this year. Unfortunately, Miss Picabo is a total loss after an off airport landing. Fred and his passenger, Jim Adams are okay. And that’s what really matters.

Fred Roscher in Miss Picabo

More on the Sport Class…

The news from the Sport Class is all good, with 40 entries flying in 4 heats, the Sport Class is getting ever more popular.  Within the Class they are now awarding beautiful “type” trophies for the fastest airplane of a particular type any time they have two or more of any type.

Sophomore Andrew Findlay has new turbos for his airplane is promising a lot more speed. Jeff Lavelle will be back and as fast as ever.  John Parker plans on pushing him—and based on his qualifying speed last year, he just may be able to do it.  Kevin Eldredge will bring Relentless with the full support of Titan Engines behind him, so he should be something to watch.  

Lee Behel will have the GP-5 fresh from his World Record setting flights in Mojave earlier this year. While Lynn Farnsworth has Aerochia’s undivided attention this year, so expect him to be fast as well.

The tally shows 2 Thunder Mustangs are entered, 4 Super Legacies, 2 Super Glasairs an NXT, and a GP-5! They won’t all make it into the Gold Championship—one or more will be Silver.  Imagine that much speed! 

Lee Behel racing in the Jet Class in American Spirit

Bottom line is – Lee and his team have done an amazing job of publicizing and leading the Sport Class. I remember their first years on the ramp with just a few aircraft. Things have changed.

More News

Next month we’ll cover more about what to expect in each of the classes. But for now, we know RARA is expecting 18 Unlimiteds and relatively full fields in all the other classes.
If you haven’t already done so, buy your tickets and we’ll see you on the ramp!  

Special thanks to Anthony Taylor for his photos again this month!

Until next time.. Fly low, fast and turn left!

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